So, what the hell is up?

In the world of MrVoletron music productions, not a whole hell of a lot, to be honest. I’m not working on a WoW boss remix at the moment, or a Diversion, I’m sorry to say – Though that could change at any moment (You never know when you’ll get a flash of inspiration).

I am, however, fiddling with another WoW-related project idea. One that, about 2 months ago, I hoped would blossom into a massive World of Warcraft music extravaganza, but is actually turning out to be far less grandiose than I originally envisioned. That’s not a bad thing, by any means. I think it will still be a worthy endeavor – a pleasant departure from WoW bosses but still in the WoW realm. Maybe I’ll use a sample clip in the blog promo video later I’m planning to make this week.

Otherwise, I’m working on some original music – not WoW or game-related at all, but rather straight up fresh beats and sounds. Something I hope will turn into a full-fledged album that I can put up on Bandcamp. For better or worse, I have to do this kind of thing from time to time, I feel, because it’s the only way I can try and help my living since Blizzard straight-up denied my request to license their audio for an official album release:

“We appreciate your enthusiasm and interest in Blizzard and working with our universes.

Unfortunately, we cannot grant any approval or authorization for creating content based off of our universes for any commercial use.”

So I’m sorry to say a MrVoletron WoW album will never make its way to itunes. /sadface

But my original music will. As soon as I make it.

Speaking of my original music, here’s something I made back in 2007 that you won’t hear anywhere else.

(I don’t have anything to do with the video, btw – the photographers just wanted to use my tune)




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