MrVoletron Mixed-Set: Deep Tech, July 2010

Here’s a mixed set of some deep tech-house tracks I like, mixed by myself. Enjoy. 🙂

Track List:
1: Christian Malloni – Slow
2: Better And Sweet – H.O.S.H. (Audiofly remix)
3: Edu Imbernon, Coyu – El Baile Aleman
4: Audiofly – Shazam
5: Cesar Merveille, Pablo Cahn-Speyer – Tribute
6: Edu Imbernon, Coyu – Burn Myself
7: Layo & Bushawacka – The Longest Day (Audiofly remix)
8: Radio Slave – Orchestrating Maneuvers in the Dark ( & Patrick Lindsey remix)
9: Ludovic Vendi – Grettina (Christian Malloni remix)
10: Mendo – Madrugada
11: Daniel Mehlhart – Coming Close
12: Goldfish, Der Dulz, Karolin Mueller – Freak in the Presence of Beauty (Dejonka remix)
13: Stimming – Melodica


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